Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions written on this page are legally binding. All inclusions as coded on this page shall be read and clearly accepted by the person registering. Upon registration, you legally accept all the terms and conditions stated from this point onward. Please check back regularly to stay updated with the terms. This page may be updated from time to time to cover a wider information base. Staying up to date with the terms is your key to maintaining a good standing account with our company.

Registration Related Terms

You, the investor, is required to register with complete, accurate and valid details on our registration page. Since we offer this opportunity online without validation of identity whatsoever, all our investors are identified via their username, e-mail address and their IP address. These 3 critical data are what we use to identify and communicate with you as our investors. Failure to use accurate details and invalid account data entry will result in your account being rejected or closed.

Multiple registrations on one single IP address is not allowed. Each IP address or computer may be restricted to a single username only. Multiple deposits is allowed anyway, so there is no valid reason for our investors to create multiple accounts other than acquiring illegal commission via self-referring and multiple registry.

Deposit and Withdrawal Related Terms (Finance Related)

All investors who will deposit will need to have at least one of our accepted payment processors. The processors our company currently accepts are Perfect Money, EgoPay, Payeer and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has a fixed rate of $500 per 1.00 Bitcoin. This is the rate we use for both incoming and outgoing funds. This means that should you deposit via Bitcoin, your deposit is converted to USD via this fixed USD rate. And when it's time to withdraw, your withdrawal in the form of USD is converted back to Bitcoin value using the same rate. This ensures that your deposit is not affected by the volatility of BTC/USD rates.

We do not charge any fee for both deposit and withdrawal. Your withdrawal or deposit may be charged by the payment processor you use to deposit or withdraw. Depending on which processor you use, there may be fees associated to the direction of transaction on specific payment processors. Please read and learn more about this by going to the website of the payment processor you intend to use.

Withdrawal minimum amount is set to $0.50. This will enable even the smallest investors (usually those who test the water first before investing bigger) , to make a trial deposit and experience first hand that we are truly paying.

While the minimum withdrawal is very low, the deposit minimum is $10. Withdrawals can be submitted multiple times per day and any day of the week. Weekends are working days for us too.

Forbidden Activities Terms

We forbid all types of advertising / marketing through Spamming. SPAM is a serious offence and if any user is found to be guilty of this crime (as we consider it), his or her account is at a high risk of being deleted. This means that all funds left in the violator's account will be forfeited.

Multiple account registry as mentioned on the first article above this page is another serious offence. Please contact us before doing something you are not sure about.

Thank you for reading our terms and conditions page.

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